Property in Hout Bay – Service for foreign buyers

Are you an overseas buyer looking to buy property in Hout Bay? Read on to discover a property buying service tailored just for you!


For the overseas (or non South African) looking to buy property in Hout Bay, there are many advantages in using the services of a buyers consultant. The overseas buyer faces many difficulties when they buy property in Hout Bay, and it is in alleviating these difficulties that the home buyers service is most valuable.

Searching for property in Hout Bay

For our foreign buyers wishing to start their search from abroad, the internet is the only real option open to them. On many occasions this is simply not up to date, does not contain all properties for sale and the results are hard to organise in a manageable method.

Of course this is where the house buying process begins! It may even be the most important part. A thorough search means you get to consider all the options – all property in Hout Bay for sale. A less thorough search and of course you may miss out on that ideal home.

Even local buyers of property in Hout Bay find searching for that ideal property cumbersome. There are basically 4 methods open to locals – printed media, show houses, internet and visiting selling agents offices.

For our foreign buyers wishing to start their search from abroad, the internet is the only real option open to them. On many occasions this is simply not up to date, does not contain all properties for sale and the results are hard to organise in a manageable method.

Even for the foreign buyer in South Africa. looking for property in Hout Bay, a lack of familiarity with local publications and areas makes the search process difficult.

Our process begins with a series of thorough consultations to clearly understand your needs (telephonic, skype, e-mail etc for those abroad). During these consultations we get to understand your requirements, as well as provide you with information and examples, so we can tailor the search appropriately. We also ensure you understand all the associated costs with your potential purchase and the steps of the buying process.

We leave no stone uncovered as we search for property in Hout Bay that is listed both with selling agents and those listed privately.

We will present property in Hout Bay for sale to you that we have uncovered, viewed and that meets your criteria, meaning the most comprehensive and appropriate search of property in Hout Bay takes place.

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Viewing property in Hout Bay

Whether flying in to view property or already based in South Africa, we are meticulous in arranging a viewing program for you that is all inclusive and as thorough as possible. We realise that it is not just the property in Hout Bay you need to see but the amenities, area and environment as well.

We of course will accompany you on all viewings, pointing out all the good and bad and also ensuring you get to see the “larger picture” of Hout Bay and what it has on offer.
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The buying process for Property in Hout Bay

Buying a property in Hout Bay, will for most purchasers, be a very different process to that of their home country. The property buying process has changed little in decades and is very slanted toward the seller. Some pertinent facts to consider include:

  • Offers to purchase are made in writing with no cooling off period. In other words there is no going back
  • Offer to purchase agreements are pre printed documents supplied by the selling agent with standard clauses, any additions to it must be specified separately.
  • The offer to purchase is compiled with the selling agent, whose role is to obtain the best price and terms and conditions for the seller. In other words you will be completing your offer to purchase for your proposed property in Hout Bay with the party who has the sellers interests at heart, not yours! On a pre printed agreement which you are expected to fully understand and know of any additions that need to be made.
  • The offer to purchase contains a sold as seen clause – it it typical for property in Hout Bay to be sold with only 2 surveys – beetle and electric, everything else about the property is sold on the basis of “what you see is what you get”. This is particularly problematic in Hout Bay where the landscape sees many a property in Hout Bay built on mountain slopes or sandy plots leading to issues such as subsidence and cracking.
  • There is only one appointed attorney who is appointed by the seller. Ironically paid for though, by you the buyer! In many countries this is simply not acceptable and each party must have there own legal representation to ensure good governance.
  • Importantly our experts will assist with all offer to purchase agreements, as will our retained attorney advising you on specific clauses, surveys and additions that may need to be included.

Of course there are many other property issues to consider as well as some related ones such as tax, exchange control and insurance .

As your buyers consultant we will guide you through the process of buying a property in Hout Bay, assisting you with eliminating risks and coordinating all the support services you need.


Helping you to buy your Hout Bay property at the best possible price

For the foreign buyer ascertaining the correct value of a specific property in Hout Bay can be difficult if not impossible.

Vague research by comparing prices of property in Hout Bay, currently for sale, can be done but this is not a very scientific approach and is more of a thumbsuck.

In reality, and alarmingly, many buyers turn to the selling agent for advice. Again consider the selling agent is mandated, paid and legally obliged to get the best possible price for the seller. It is to this person we turn and ask “what price do you think they would accept” – for sure not the best person to ask.

Our process is based on having access to various tools such as selling records, rebuild costs and outstanding bonds. We couple this with local experience of saleability, the current market conditions and the areas prospects. Specifically we look at the property in Hout Bay we are making an offer on – the keenness of the seller, the amount of time on the market and their susceptibility to accepting a lower offer.

Our mandate is to secure your new property in Hout Bay at the best possible price.


Other issues a foreign buyer faces includes arriving in a foreign country, setting up house having to relearn many things we take for granted. How to connect utilities, where and how to pay bills and how to hire housekeeping staff.

Other issues include obtaining permits and visas, the transfer of money and the effect of foreign exchange control. Some clients have tax concerns both capital and income.

Our team of experts is there to help you with these matters. Most of our services are provided in-house and our team are all qualified and experienced professionals in their respective professions.


Next steps for securing your property in Hout Bay

Foreign buyers of property in Hout Bay are most susceptible to “deals gone wrong”, the imbalance of the property buying process in South Africa amplifies this risk.

By working with a buyers consultant, you redress this imbalance and you enlist expert help into your team, providing you with the knowledge and confidence to secure your property in Hout Bay.

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