Property Buyers Consultant – the benefits to you

SA HomeBuyers is Cape Towns leading property buyers consultant. Discover how using a Property Buyers Consultant can save you time, money and stress!

In the recent years our property buyers consultant services have been particularly valuable to those coming from far away places like the UK, Germany, other European countries, Asia and America and also an increasing amount of local buyers.

All the below make the services of a property buyers consultant particularly worthwhile:

  • A lack of time
  • Legal knowledge of the buying process
  • An inability to stay in Cape Town for an extended period of time
  • Simply seeking a more discerning service that ‘balances the odds’
  • Professional negotiation of price and terms and conditions

Here are just some of the benefits of a Property Buyers Consultant:

Time Efficiency

Cape Town real estate agency - buy propertySearching for that right property can seem enjoyable in the first instance, but for many the endless procession of viewing unsuitable homes for sale can quickly turn tedious. There are simply so many channels to search from including printed media, internet, local press and show days – the task can seem quite daunting.

Your Property Buyers Consultant will do the search for you.

After carefully building our understanding of your needs our Hout Bay property buyers consultant will do the hard work for you and compile and present a short list of suitable Hout Bay property for sale for your consideration.

Our search leaves no stone unturned as our processes, connections and local knowledge enables your property buyers consultant to access all available homes for sale (listed or not listed), helping you secure the right property from the full market selection in a time effective manner.


The right house property

Cape Town property - real estate agencySearching for that right Hout Bay property for sale will take a considerable amount of time and effort, and many of the most sought after properties do not even reach the media advertising stage. Its therefore important for you to have representation that is in the ‘know’ and acting in your interests. Your property buyers consultant will be local to the area, have excellent connections and are often informed of properties that are yet to be listed on the general market.

A Stress Free process

Cape Town real estate - homes for saleYour dedicated property buyers consultant will guide you through the process of buying a property, as well as coordinating any support services you need including solicitors, mortgage brokers, building inspectors, insurance, tax accountants, quantity surveyors and property managers.

Dealing with a property buyers consultant means dealing with independent expert advice instead of a salesperson

Cape Town real estate agency - Hout BayWe have been assisting buyers, developers and investors since 2005 and specialize in Cape Town property particularly in the most sought after areas. This enables us to give you all the pros and cons of potential properties as well as the suburb concerned. As a property buyers consultant we have no allegiance to any seller or agent, and as independents you can be assured of us providing you the good, bad and ugly so you can make an educated decision about your new home.

Remember SAHomeBuyers works for you, the purchaser, and is there to guide you through each step of the process, as your property buyers consultant. Selling agents are paid a commission and under an obligation of duty to get the best price, terms and conditions for the seller.

Professional legal representation

Cape Town realestate - Hout Bay property saleThe seller has a team of support that includes his selling agent and appointed attorney, the buyer is left to their own devices. If you don’t have knowledge of South African property law, this imbalance could have serious consequences. Property is bought sold as seen in South Africa, and as you may be aware, with the minimum in terms of surveys and engineering reports. The only opportunity to specify special terms and conditions is when formulating the offer to purchase – there is no going back afterwards.l

Using a property buyers consultant means having a professional working with you as offers are compiled along with our appointed attorney. All who have your best interests at heart.

Buy property at the best possible price

Cape Town realestate - buy Hout Bay propertyNot being biased towards the seller, your property buyer’s consultant gives it their everything to get the best price for you the buyer. With local knowledge, access to all prices of previously sold property and the proven negotiation skills we are able to bring a more scientific approach to what is the right price. Often pricing is decided on “thumbsucking” or advice given by the property selling agents (who act for the seller). As knowledge is fundamental to achieving the best possible price for you, the tools and experience we possess as a property buyers consultant allow us to guide you on pricing as well as terms and conditions.

Benefit from local knowledge

Cape Town property buyers consultantOur property buyers consultant service is of course particularly attractive to those who may not have an in-depth knowledge of the Cape Town property market. Whilst our growing client base comprises of foreigners buying holiday houses and expatriates emigrating to South Africa – an increasing number of our buyers are time constraint professionals or those seeking a more discerning and buyer led service.

As trained and registered professionals it is our teams role to know, understand and be expert in the areas they work in.

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For you free and no obligation consultation, contact Marco Garuti, our local Hout Bay property buyers consultant and discover what a difference using a property buyers consultant can mean for you. SA HomeBuyers – the intelligent way to buy property and the least expensive ‘ insurance policy’ you ever took out.
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