Property Consultant – Why SAHomeBuyers?

Looking for the right property to buy. Learn why more and more property buyers are using the services of SAHomeBuyers, Cape Towns leading buyers consultancy.

Our approach is one of fact based. Our tools allow us to see historic and current selling prices that have been achieved, we know the rebuild costs and we know the property and area history.

SAHomeBuyers was born from a customer driven desire to purchase Cape Town property in a more discerning way. With the real estate property industry unchanged in decades buyers were actively seeking a new and more appropriate service that offered them discretion, confidentiality and an independence of opinion. In short someone who was firmly on the side of the property buyer and unashamedly looking after their interests.

Since 2005, we have assisted buyers with securing their dream properties, holiday homes and commercial premises. Our reputation and client base has been built on a foundation of providing a superior property buying experience, expert knowledge, exemplary service standards and of course deliverables such a price negotiations.

In short we are licensed real estate professionals but represent investors, home buyers and developers in purchasing residential and commercial real property. We do not sell real estate property ourselves and have no allegiances to particular estate agents or developers.


Cape Town property sale - real property in Hout Bay - found by our property consultant
…possibly the biggest investment of your life. Real estate property in Cape Town…

In need of a Property Consultant? Here are the benefits of using a professional buyers consultant

  • We get to understand your needs
  • The very foundation of our service is that we get to thoroughly understand the needs of you, the property buyer. Our process commences with a series of consultations concerning the property requirements, area, amenities and budgets. We take the time to get to know your requirements as well as providing our expert input, so our search begins knowing what the exact criteria is.

  • Save time
  • We are able to access all properties for sale in Hout Bay, whether listed with agents or private sales, saving you the time and effort of scanning internet sites and newspapers. Our short-listing means no wasted time on unsuitable properties and by us arranging (and accompanying) you on all viewings they can be made to fit your schedule.

    As your dedicated buyers consultant we remain pro actively in touch with all parties throughout the entire process and are never more than a phone call away with any queries you may have.

  • A comfortable process
  • When finding you a property we keep your exact requirements in mind and eliminate the stress and frustration of being shown inappropriate and unsuitable properties. As we do not sell properties there is never a climate of ‘being pushed’ or hurried, but one of deliberation, information and satisfaction so that all decisions are made knowing all relevant facts.

  • Support from our property consultant
  • We specialize in Cape Town properties and our property consultants are qualified and experienced real estate professionals.

    Ours and their mandate is simple:

    To find you the best property, in the best area, at the right price and with the correct legalities.

    Our buyers consultants will point out the good, bad and ugly about properties and areas and will remain unashamedly bias towards looking after your interests.

  • Legal representation
  • Normally left with no independent legal representation, using our service means having legal support through the entire property purchase.

  • You get the best price when you use our property consultants
  • Of course no one wants to pay over the odds for their property, it is after all one of the largest financial (and emotional) decisions and investments you are ever likely to make.

    It is therefore ironic, that most purchasers have to rely on little experience (how many houses do you buy in a lifetime), crude research and worse still, the selling agent when formulating their offer price.

    Our approach is one of fact based. Our tools allow us to see historic and current selling prices that have been achieved, we know the rebuild costs and we know the property and area history.

    Factors such as how quick property sells in an area, the time the property has been on the market and the outstanding bond all are negotiation tools. Insider knowledge such as climate and wind, development plans and local issues also play their role.

    Our role is to get you the best price possible and the vast majority of our clients have benefited from significant savings when using our services.

    Find out more and change the way you buy houses

    Fed up with a decades old, seller biased way of buying houses? You should be! Contact SAHomeBuyers for a free and non obligatory consultation on how we can be of assistance to you in your next property purchase.

    E-mail us here or telephone + 27 (0) 83 2658800 and speak to Marco Garuti