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SA HomeBuyers – Introducing our Hout Bay Property Service

The residential real estate market in Cape Town, South Africa is currently a classic buyers market in which properties are taking 19 weeks on average to sell. Only 15% of vendors achieve their asking price. Business Times, August 2011

In America over 60% of all property purchases involve the services of a property buyers consultant right from the start of the property search. Getting professional representation, when buying real estate property in South Africa, often only happens after contracts are already signed. problems have arisen and prevention is now too late.

In recent years our Hout Bay Property Service has not only been particularly valuable to buyers within South Africa but also those coming from farther away places like the UK, Germany, other European countries, Asia and Amercia.

A lack of time, legal knowledge and inability to stay in Cape Town for an extended period of time makes our Hout Bay Property Service particularly worthwhile.

Why use our Hout Bay Property Service?

Time Efficiency

Cape Town real estate agency - property for sale

Searching for that right property for sale can seem enjoyable in the first instance, but for many the endless procession of viewing unsuitable real estate property can quickly turn tedious. This has been a particular problem for our overseas and far away buyers who are dependent on the internet when searching for Hout Bay property for sale. Our Hout Bay Property Service means that all the initial search for buyers is taken care of and all possible properties for sale are explored.

Even for our clients located in Cape Town, our Hout Bay Property Service can help you significantly during the early stages of your real estate property hunt. Our Hout Bay Property Service leaves no stone unturned as we search for the right property for sale for you.

Our processes, connections and local knowledge enables us to access all available properties (listed or not listed), meaning you secure the right property for sale in the optimum time and replacing the need for you to scour the internet and local newspapers.

Of course our Hout Bay Property Service only begins after carefully building our understanding of your needs and all possible opti0ns are shortlisted for your consideration.

 Find me a property for sale

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Searching for that right Hout Bay property for sale takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Many of the most sought after purchases often do not reach the media advertising stage. Its therefore important for you to have local and ‘in the know’ representation. Using our Hout Bay Property Service means you benefit from a dedicated property buyers consultant. This consultant will have excellent connections, superb local knowledge and contacts, often showing you property that is yet to be advertised or is a private / discreet sale. Our Hout Bay Property Service puts you and your property search at the front of the queue for the most desirable properties.

A Stress Free process

Cape Town real estate - property for sale

Our Hout Bay Property Service will guide you through the process of purchasing property as well as  coordinating the support services you need. Our strong team and network comprises opf solicitors, mortgage brokers, building inspectors, insurance consultants, tax accountants, quantity surveyors and property managers. Many of these services we offer in house and those not are recommended from years of knowing them and their services. Our Hout Bay Property Service is designed to make your property purchase stress free and enjoyable.

 Dealing with property experts instead of sales people

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Our Hout Bay Property Service has been assisting buyers, developers and investors since 2005. We have no alliance to any specific Hout Bay Property Sales Estate Agent, or any particular developer or bank. Our property search is independent and based solely on your needs. We do not try and sell you a property but try to find a property that sells itself to you. Most importantly, for you the buyer, using our Hout Bay Property Service means you get to know all the pros and cons of potential properties as well as the suburb concerned.

 Professional legal representation

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In South Africa the seller generally has a team of support that includes his selling agent and appointed attorney, the buyer is left to their own devices. If you don’t have an indepth knowledge of South African property law, this imbalance could have serious consequences. Most mistakes happen as early as  the signing of the offer to purchase, which is legally binding in South Africa. Using our Hout Bay Property Service  means having a professional working with you and also the benefit of our retained attorney. In other words our Hout Bay Property Service restores the balance of professional support between the buyer and seller.

 Find me a property for sale to the best possible price

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Not being biased towards the seller, your buyer’s consultant gives it their everything to get the best price for you the buyer. No matter if commercial or residential property our consultants can access all prices of previously sold real estate property, know the market and background of the particular property and are trained negotiators. Amazingly most offers to purchase are generally based on thumb sucking or advice given by the selling estates agent. With all the tools and knowledge our Hout Bay Property Service provides many clients have benefitted from significant savings.

 Benefit from local knowledge

Cape Town property buyers consultant

Our Hout Bay Property service is particularly attractive to those who may not have an in-depth knowledge of the Hout Bay real estate property market. Whilst our growing client base comprises of foreigners buying holiday houses and expatriates emigrating to South Africa – an increasing number of our buyers are relocating internally within South Africa.

 Find out more about our Hout Bay Property Service

If you are looking for an alternative, more sophisitcated way to secure your next property, our Hout Bay Property Service may just be what you are looking for.

E-mail us here or contact Marco Garuti, our local property buyers consultant on + 27 (0) 83 265 8800