Hout Bay Schools

The amenities are often just as important as the property. At SAHomeBuyers we know that for those house buyers with children, schooling is always one of the top priorities.

At SAHomeBuyers we realise that finding the perfect property is only part of the decision making process when purchasing a new home. What about the amenities, location, shopping, restaurants, security and of course the Hout Bay Schools.

For our clients with family, part of this decision making process will of course include what Hout Bay Schools are suitable for their children.

Hout Bay Schools offer a number of different options for all ages.

Hout Bay Schools

One of the attractions of living in Hout Bay is the quality of Hout Bay Schools and easy access to many others.

Some Hout Bay Schools

Hout Bay International school – “to provide excellence in education provision within an international perspective”

When considering appropriate Hout Bay Schools , many expats settle on the Hout Bay International school. It enrolls children from the age of 3 year. Their motto – “to provide excellence in education provision within an international perspective” sums up what this popular school is all about. It is due to its standards and reputation that the International School is one the of the Hout Bay Schools of choice.

One of the stand out features, of the International, amongst Hout Bay Schools is that it offers an international curriculum based a combination of the South African National Curriculum and the British National Curriculum which is delivered through the innovative pedagogy of the International Baccalaureate (IB). The Cambridge International Examinations and IB Diploma provide externally assessed qualifications recognised throughout the world.

Cape Town schools - Hout Bay

Cape Town schools - Hout Bay

Kronendal primary school – It takes a village to raise a child is this Hout Bay Schools motto.

Another favorite amongst the Hout Bay schools is the Kronendal primary Bay Schools is the Kronendal primary school which was established in 1901. The community school Kronendal truly understands the old Xhosa saying: It takes a village to raise a child. Making sure parents are very involved in the school, Kronendal in Hout Bay can offer great infrastructure with affordable school fees. “A Kronendal student learns to understand and appreciate different cultures, uniquely preparing them for the real world. We believe in helping each student to identify and enhance their gifts. Kronendal has become respected as a feeder school for many of Cape Town’s top high schools. Many of our students have gone on to excel thanks to the grounding they received at Kronendal Primary.”

Ambleside Hout Bay School

Another Hout Bay School with a proud reputation is the Ambleside Hout Bay School. Its teaching methods are based on the insights of the British educator, Charlotte Mason. She did not claim to be an innovator, but rather a compiler of the timeless, practical insights into the nature of children and education, which have guided the practice of great teachers throughout the ages.

Other Hout Bay Schools

  • Bayside Christian High
  • Hout Bay Christian School
  • Llandudno Primary (5 minutes away)
  • Moravian School
  • Sentinel Primary
  • School for the Deaf

There are in addition a number of nursery schools, creches and playgroups.

Schools close by in the southern suburbs, including Bishops, SACs and Redham are just a mere 20min scenic drive away from Hout Bay.


As part of our thorough process in understanding your needs, our buyers consultant will include information on Hout Bay Schools, as part of your viewing we will introduce you to Hout Bay Schools.

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