Estate Agents in Hout Bay

For a relatively small hamlet, there are many estate agents in Hout Bay that can assist you with selling your property. For buyers of property please make sure you read on, just 2 minutes of your time will convince you why using a buyers consultant is a better option for you.

 Lets first examine  what part the Estate Agents in Hout Bay play in the property purchase.

The role of estate agents in Hout Bay

Estate agents are trained professionals who in recent years have made vast strides in increasing the quality of the people working in their industry.

Buyers of property should however not be under any illusion though, that when approaching Estate Agents in Hout Bay, they are approaching the party that works for the seller.

Who pays the Estate Agents in Hout Bay?

It is the seller who pays the Estate agent. Estate agents are typically paid on a commission basis. This commission equates to a percentage of the sale price achieved and is typically between 5% and 7.5%.

Will the Hout Bay Estate Agent look after my, the buyers, interests?

Although the estate agent has certain moral and ethical responsibilities towards the buyer, these must not conflict with their primary role – to look after the seller, their client.

Who compiles the offer to purchase ?

It is the estate agent in Hout Bay who compiles the offer to purchase, in fact it is a pre-printed document.

One of the most onerous clauses, that is in 98% of these agreements, is the “Voetstoots” or “As Is” clause. How many prospective buyers are aware that when they sign an agreement containing such a clause, they sign their rights away. Furthermore how many buyers are informed by their estate agent in Hout Bay that is well within their rights rights to have the Voetstoots” or “As Is” clause excluded from the “Offer to Purchase.”

Will the Estate Agent be liable for defects found later?

Below we quote from

“Far too many Buyers want to hold their Estate Agents liable for latent defects they only discover sometime after the sale has been concluded. This is particularly the case where a defect has only been discovered months after the transfer has been registered and the Seller can no longer be traced. An Estate Agent is only obliged to inspect the property for obvious patent defects, to enquire from a Seller as to what known latent defects exist, and to then disclose them before signature to the Buyer.

Once having done this the Buyer’s recourse is against the Seller alone. Often a Seller, on being challenged about an undisclosed latent defect, will falsely claim that he had informed the agent about it prior to the sale. A Buyer’s recourse will inevitably rest against the Seller alone and the Estate Agent should not be harassed in any way.”

In short the estate agent in Hout Bay does exactly what they should do:

  • they market the property well to attract potential buyers
  • they show potential buyers round the property to attract a sale
  • they negotiate the best price for the seller
  • they negotiate the best terms and conditions for the seller

So what difference will a buyers consultant make?

It’s as simple as “the estate agent in Hout Bay is there to act for the seller – the buyers consultant is there to act for the buyer”.

Buyers consultants:

  • are unashamedly biased towards the buyer
  • can access all Hout Bay properties for sale. Whoever the estate agent in Hout Bay is and even if the property is a private sale
  • negotiate the best price for you the buyer
  • they negotiate the best terms and conditions for you the buyer
  • with their appointed attorneys offer you the buyer the legal protection and advice on contractual matters that balances the odds in the property transaction

Contact us today and find out why more and more house buyers are using a buyers consultant to secure their next Hout Bay property.

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