Buying Property in Hout Bay

If you are buying property in Hout Bay consider using a property buyers agent. Below we show you just some of the risks involved when you are buying property in Hout Bay.

Here are just 5 risks to you the buyer – we ask you please spend 2 minutes reading them. We feel sure you will see the benefit of buying a property in Hout Bay with the expert assistance of SAHomeBuyers.

1. Opportunity lost

  • Buying property in Hout Bay that does not best suit your needs.

An underestimated risk, but one that is fundamental to you buying property in Hout Bay, that is exactly matching your needs.

For those who rely, or prefer, the internet for searching for suitable Hout Bay property for sale, there are some 393,000 search results. Just clicking the top two gives you over 700 potential options for buying property in Hout Bay.

The printed media presents you with hundreds of pages of options from which to make your decision on buying property in Hout Bay and show days are a lottery as you weave your way around from street to street.

Estate agents will of course help you when it comes to buying property in Hout Bay, but obviously will only show you properties that they have on their books to sell and at last count there were also some 30 odd selling agents for you to pick from.

The bottom line is it is nigh on impossible for you to explore all options when looking at buying property in Hout Bay. You simply would not have the time and even perhaps the local knowledge of where to go. Very often the best properties are sold before they are even advertised.

With SAHomeBuyers we search all options for you, both listed and private properties for sale. Our pledge is to leave no stone unturned as we conduct our thorough search for you buying property in Hout Bay.

  • Not being aware of all the areas that may have appealed to you

Hout Bay alone has 28 hamlets within it, some good some bad and some better than others. Of course location is everything so all consideration must be given to this aspect. In addition you may have fallen in love with Hout Bay but did you look at all other areas to ensure 100% it was the right choice? No amount of options can be enough when you make your decision about buying property in Hout Bay.

There are always hidden gems, areas not known well, but stunning value. Estate agents will only show you the area they cover, it is not in their interest to encourage you to spread your search further afield.

With SAHomeBuyers we will make sure you know of all the options area wise. As we stock no houses and are not area bound you can trust our impartiality
when it comes to buying property in Hout Bay.

2. Hidden or non obvious defects or other issues – have you seen all the property offers good and bad?

Most of us are not builders or surveyors and as such are not experts when to comes to assessing properties. We look, we poke around as much as we can but we do trust others to disclose and rely a lot on “gut feeling” when buying property in Hout Bay.

With the biggest investment, money and emotional wise, we are ever likely to make is this enough?

Not all owners are honest and disclose all facts, either to their selling agent or to you the buyer. Maybe the agent or buyer neglects to tell you that when the wind comes you cannot get outside, or that the local informal settlement is incredibly noisy.

It could be a multitude of things ranging from the serious to not so serious, but each maybe causing you to rethink your decision.

Why take the chance, are buyers consultants are experienced qualified professionals. As they have no benefit in what house or area you choose, when buying property in Hout Bay, they will tell you the good, bad and ugly! If unsure of the property they will advice you to insert clauses such as additional surveys and subject to….

With SAHomeBuyers you have a property expert on your side, helping you to avoid any potential pitfalls and problems that could be extremely expensive or result in you selecting the wrong property.

3. The offer to purchase – would you ever sign a contract, with no cooling off period, for several million rand without legal advice?

Of course the answer is no you would not! Buying a property in Hout Bay without the services of an attorney – how ridiculous! Well unless you use the services of a buyers agent this is exactly what you will be expected to do. Here is the highlights:

  • The offer to purchase is a preprinted agreement by the selling agent
  • The selling agent completes this offer to purchase with most buyers
  • You need to specify any specific exclusions
  • It states in 99% of all estate agents offer to purchase agreements SOLD AS SEEN!
  • There is no cooling off period

Lets be honest there is more protection when taking out a cell phone contract than when buying a property in Hout Bay.

SAHomeBuyers advises you on each clause in the offer to purchase, we help you with deciding what exceptions and special clauses to insert, our appointed attorney assists in the offer to purchase.

When it comes to buying a property in Hout Bay, SAHomeBuyers is the party that protects your rights and advices you how to structure the offer in your interests.

4. Price – just how do you get to the price you wish to offer and end up paying?

To be blunt, unless the buyer of a property in Hout Bay has the benefit of access to industry tools, rebuild costs, historical sales prices and the benefit of the experience of working everyday in that particular market, it is a bit of a thumb suck.

Worse still is the offer made on the back of the advice of the estate agent – yes the party responsible for getting the best sales price for the seller.

SAHomeBuyers has saved its clients hundreds of thousands and indeed millions on their house purchase. We have all the tools, the experience and are experienced negotiators that are on your side.

5. Legal representation – just who is your attorney?

Unfortunately not the one you pay for. This attorney works for the seller, is appointed by the seller and your involvement is little more than to pay the bill. In many countries one attorney acting of both parties, the buyer and seller, would be considered a conflict of interests and not allowed.

SAHomeBuyers retains an attorney to shadow the legal work helping to correct the imbalance of the skewed South African property buying process.

Still not convinced that buying property in Hout Bay is better through a buyers agent? BUYING PROPERTY IN HOUT BAY IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST DECISIONS YOU WILL MAKE! Doesn’t the biggest decision you are going to make this year deserve a second opinion?

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SAHomeBuyers, the intelligent way for buying property in Hout Bay.